Beta Pi Alumni Introduction

Through the vision of Doc Bredekamp, the Alumni of the Beta Pi Chapter have strived to continue the goals of the Fraternity: to build better men. Beta Pi alumni stay actively involved with the Chapter through annual organized events such as Winter Carnival and Homecoming, the Summer Golf Outing (hosted by Brother Kneen), and other informal activities. Alumni also stay involved with the Chapter through advisory roles through the Alumni Corporation Board (ACB), where we provide active assistance to the Chapter.

Alumni Corporation Board

ACB was founded with the goal of ensuring that the Chapter always has assistance in their operations. ACB is incorporated in the State of Michigan and oversees Chapter activity, including finances and goal planning. ACB is composed of an elected board (President, Secretary, Treasurer), the Chapter President, Chapter Treasurer, and other alumni. ACB members are nominated and elected at the annual meeting in April of each year, and serve terms of varying length (usually 1-3 years), and it’s common for alumni to serve multiple terms consecutively.

The current ACB Members are:

Scott See (President), Spring 1985
Dan Wolf (Treasurer), Spring 1998
Mark Whorley (Secretary), Spring 1994

Kyle Krueger (Chapter President),
Collin DePrekel (Chapter Treasurer),

Jason Blough, Spring 1986
Scott Cambensy, Spring 1994
Bill Dehn, Spring 1995
Dan Ganzel, Spring 2007
Travis Hutchins, Spring 2001
Brian Joas, Spring 1992
Shawn Norwood, Fall 1995
Bill Predebon, Spring 1979
Joe Rieger, Spring 2004
Josh Taggart, Spring 2005

Annual Alumni Events

In addition to the many informal gatherings of Beta Pi alumni, there are several organized, annual alumni and active events planned each year. They are:
Winter Carnival – February each year in Houghton.
Homecoming – October each year in Houghton.
Golf Outing – July each year in the Metro-Detroit area.
If you are interested in attending an event, let us know! Visit our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with current events and to find the date and time of the next gathering!

Voluntary Alumni Contribution (VAC) Fund

In conjunction with our 60th anniversary in 2008, ACB established the VAC Fund as a method for alumni to voluntarily contribute to the Chapter on an ongoing basis after their time as an active has ended. The VAC program is described in great detail at the VAC Page.