Costs & Expenses

Pledging (New Members)

Initial Pledging Fee $60

Initiation Fee $225

Total Cost $285

Active Member (In House)

Delta Sigma Phi Membership Dues $330

Room & Board $1700

Bond Fund $25 [1]

Additional Costs – $845

Total Cost $2900/ semester

Active Member (Out-Of-House)

Delta Sigma Phi Membership Dues $330

Out-of-House Fee $500 [2]

Bond Fund $25 [1]

Total Cost $1000 / semester

Compare Costs to Michigan Tech Room and Board Rates


[1] Each brother is required to place $50 annually in a Bond fund, set up and run by the Chapter and ACB (Alumni board). After four years or $200 accrued, whichever occurs first, Brothers are no longer required to pay into the bond fund. Upon graduation, each Brother will receive their matured bonds. Historically, Brothers have donated their bonds back to the Chapter to signify continued support of the Fraternity.
[2] Out-of-house fees may be waived if the Chapter residence is full or if the brother has a scholarship or grant from the University granting free housing on campus. All exemptions must be presented before the Chapter and ACB.

Please note that these costs are the base cost for each semester.  Additional fees may be incurred through group purchases (t-shirts, glassware, formal events, etc), most of which are optional.  Payment due dates for any additional fees will be set as necessary by the Treasurer and Accountant.

Common Questions
When are payments due for each semester?
Payments are due on or before the second Monday of each semester at the beginning of the regularly scheduled weekly meeting.

Are there payment plans available?
If you cannot make the full semester payment at the scheduled date above, a payment plan may be established with the approval of the Chapter’s Executive Board and ACB.

What are my payment options?
For new members, cash or check are accepted, and details will be shared by the pledge educator. For active members, all payments must be made through the OmegaFi service. No checks, cash, or other forms of payment will be accepted.