Steps to becoming a member

Come to an Event, Drop by the house, Email us, Apply for our Scholarship…

There are many ways to start your process to becoming a member of Delta Sigma Phi. The most common way is to attend the events we host frequently. If you are unable to attend our events for some reason, drop by and meet some of the brothers and take a house tour. 

Receive a Bid

A bid is a written offer to become a member of Delta Sigma Phi. After stopping by for a few visits, the brothers may decide that they wish to offer you the opportunity to become a member. This is a decision that must be agreed upon by a majority of the fraternity, and bids are not given out on a whim. 

Complete Pledge Education

Once you accept your bid you will be recognized as a pledge of Delta Sigma Phi. Along with your fellow pledges, you will complete a pledge education course that will teach the history of our organization and the structure of our fraternity. It will also emphasize developing good academic habits, getting involved in the community, and professional development. 

I want to join. Who should I contact?

Please stop by our Facebook page ( and say hello!