Delta Sigma Phi

Beta Pi Chapter

Michigan Tech University

1421 Woodland Rd

How we Lead

Building Better Men
with Engineered Leadership.

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Who we Are

Our History & Tradition runs deep.
Starting in the Fall of 1947….

Our Mission & Purpose

Who we are and How we lead

Delta Sigma Phi is a nationally recognized Fraternity built on the commitment of uniting men of exceptional character to respond to the needs and demands of our society. We develop meaningful lifelong bonds amongst diverse men, empowering them to grow and develop their values and leadership, inspiring them to positively impact the world, and emboldening them to always represent the sincerity of our purpose.  Our brotherhood inspires each member to be better versions of themselves and positively impact the world through their actions and influence—we challenge ourselves to be atypical, to break the mold, to be a beacon of strength for humanity.

Our great Fraternity helps and encourages our members to become better students, better leaders, better citizens, better professionals… better men.

History & Tradition

It all begins in 1947 with Sixty men from Douglas Houghton Hall…

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