Through the vision of Doc Bredekamp, the Alumni of the Beta Pi Chapter have strived to continue the goals of the Fraternity: to build better men. Beta Pi alumni stay actively involved with the Chapter through annual organized events such as Winter Carnival and Homecoming, the Summer Golf Outing (hosted by Brother Kneen), and other informal activities. Alumni also stay involved with the Chapter through advisory roles through the Alumni Corporation Board (ACB), where we provide active assistance to the Chapter. 

We’d love for you to get involved!

Upcoming ACB Meetings

Sunday, July 10th - 8pm Eastern

Thursday, August 11th - 8pm Eastern

Saturday, September 17th - 11am Eastern

Call in numbers are communicated in the Member Portal,  yitbos-l, and the Beta Pi facebook page.

Upcoming Alumni Events

For more information on events sign up in the Member Portal, make sure you’re on the yitbos-l email list, and visit our Facebook page.

Combo’s Bike Ride & BBQ – July 15, 2022

  • Arrive at 9:30am, Roll Out at 10am SHARP
  • PLEASE come early and let them look at the bike and make sure you have properly inflated tires.
  • You may want to bring an outdoor chair for the BBQ
  • BYOB
  • Ladies, wives, girlfriends are strongly encouraged to attend.
  • Please RSVP to Don
  • More event details HERE

22nd Annual Alumni Golf Outing – July 16, 2022

Fall Work Weekend – September, 2022

  • More info coming – Stay tuned!

Winter Carnival – February 8-11, 2023

  • Theme yet to be announced
  • More information here

Beta Pi 75th Anniversary Celebration
June 5-11, 2023
1948 – 2023
Save the date! …more information to follow

Alumni Corporation Board

ACB was founded with the goal of ensuring that the Chapter always has assistance in their operations. ACB is incorporated in the State of Michigan and oversees Chapter activity, including finances and goal planning.

ACB is composed of an elected board (President, Secretary, Treasurer, VP of Alumni Involvement, & VP of Finance), the Chapter President, Chapter Treasurer, Alumni who have been appointed to Advisor positions, and other Alumni who want to be involved.

Meetings are held monthly and ACB members are nominated and elected at the annual meeting in April of each year, and serve terms of varying length (usually 1-3 years), and it’s common for alumni to serve multiple terms consecutively.

Current ACB members

(as of 6/17/20)

Elected ACB positions

President – Bill Dehn
Treasurer – Derek Ashman
Secretary – Matt Suksi
VP of Alumni Involvement – Mark Midgley
VP of Finance – Zach Drake

Chapter Positions

Chapter President – Justin Liakos
Chapter Treasurer – Brandon Finley



Appointed Advisors

University Advisor – Jason Blough
Chapter Advisor – Jason Blough
Housing Advisor – Al Golden
Growth Advisor – Marco Riolo
Healthy Lifestyle Advisor – Travis Hutchins
Personal Success Advisor – Daniel Hicks
Campus & Community Involvement Advisor – Michael Link
Website – Daniel Hicks


How to Donate – Voluntary Alumni Contribution (VAC) Fund

In conjunction with our 60th anniversary in 2008, ACB established the VAC Fund as a method for alumni to voluntarily contribute to the Chapter on an ongoing basis after their time as an active has ended.


The Beta Pi Club is the highest level of automatic monthly donation.

You help keep the cook in the kitchen, the boiler kicking out the extra heat during all-nighter, and the sauna operational so that the next generation of actives have a chance to tell similar stories of Beta Pi.

In commemoration of our 70th anniversary, Beta Pi Club members will give a gift of $70 every month ($840 per year).

Beta Pi Club Members will receive special recognition for their generous and ongoing gift.


For those of you who did not know Jim Jones, he was a brother of Beta Pi who passed into Bond Eternal.

Upon his passing Jim left a very generous gift to Beta Pi. 

Jim Jones Club members will give a gift of $30 every month ($360 per year) in commemeration of Jim.

Jim Jones Club members will receive special recognition for their generous and ongoing gift.


You survived living at 1421.

You most likely even liked it...

Which room was yours? What did you paint on the door?

1421 Club members will give a gift of $14.21 every month ($170.52 per year) in commemeration of living in the "best location on campus".

1421 Club members will receive special recognition for their generous and ongoing gift.

One-Time Gift

Gifts, like pearls of wisdom, can cost both a great price and your time to tell its story.

When inspiration hits, we're here to hear about it.

One time gift givers will also receive recognition for their generous gifts.

One-time gifts can be processed without requireing a Paypal account.


If you still prefer to send a check, VAC will never turn you down! Please send your checks (made out to Delta Sigma Phi – Beta Pi Alumni VAC) to:

Beta Pi ACB Treasurer
PO Box 698
Houghton, MI 49931

Please make your check payable to Delta Sigma Phi – Beta Pi Alumni VAC